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Rental FAQs & Policies

When should I begin to inquire about wedding signage? 

5 months in advance should be enough time, especially if you’re keeping your options open, still needing to finalize details with your wedding, (# of guests, food/bar menu, etc) or needing a bundle. There will be a consultation about each signage and it takes plenty of time to figure out the details of your needs. There are also other factors to take into consideration such as my queue, any changes and/or corrections needed to be made, etc.


If you need a bundle or multiple signs within a short timeframe, there will be a rush fee depending on your needs.

How are rentals charged?

There will be 3 different charges for rentals: 

*Non-Refundable Fee for Rental Service

*Non-Refundable Fee for Lettering Service

*Refundable Rental Deposit for easels and stands

Another possible fee is if I have to drop-off or pick-up, fee is $0.67 per mile. I'm located in the Mesquite, TX. 

Sometimes, I provide complimentary drop offs and pick ups on weekends if you're close by, it all depends. Another option is paying for shipping cost.

Refundable Rental Deposit

- The rental cost will be refunded after I receive back the rental equipment(s) in the condition it was given. The quality of acrylic panels are highly flexible/bendable and will not break unless with force. As for the rental stands, they are fairly new and are still in great condition. Though, it's highly unlikely the rental equipment will be easily damaged, in the case that the rental equipment(s) have any damages or are lost that are deemed reusable per my discretion, the rental cost is forfeited to replace the damaged product(s).

Benefits of Renting Signage

  • Best option to rent since the signages are one-day use, not trashing acrylic panels and being eco-friendly

  • Saves you money

  • Saves you time in spending time trying to sell back your signages

  • I offer rentable stands for signage so you can save time & money instead of trying to purchase and find them elsewhere

What’s your turnaround time?

When placing your order of 1 product, it’ll take a minimum of 3 days or more for completion depending on the queue and what’s requested.

Do you provide rentals for wood signs, chalkboards, or mirrors?

At the moment, no I do not but I can definitely provide my lettering service on these surfaces if you’re able to supply them. My lettering service fee is interchangeable for these surfaces, depending on the size.

What services don't you provide?

The services I do not provide are invitations/stationary, copperplate/traditional calligraphy, watercolor paintings, dog portraiture, or invitations.

Local Drop-offs and Pick-Ups

- Drop Off/Pickup Time: about 1-2 weeks before actual date unless noted otherwise - to review spelling, check for any damages/functionality of stands/easel, etc. 

- You can pickup at my location in Mesquite or we can we can schedule a time and date to meet.

- Otherwise, I charge $0.655 per mile for 2 way, with a 2 hour drive max time. Another option is paying for shipping cost.

Color Matching

I’ll do my best to ensure the colors that you see on my website or if you’re providing will be the same as what you want but it’s not guaranteed to match as there are many factors to take into consideration. For example, your location's lighting, if it’s outdoor or indoor, if it’s bright or dim, also, your computer/phone settings may differ from mine. In this case, it’ll be very helpful information to know which signs will be indoors or outdoors and if the location is bright or dim so the colors reflect your theme accurately as possible.

Business Hours

Please feel free to text me at (214) 972-7245. Response time should be no longer than 24 hours.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at and I will try my best to respond within the next day and no longer than a day.


Changes to Orders

Only after the placed order and the signage is still in my possession, depending on the progress of the project, there are only 2 edits per sign at no cost, thereafter, there will be a starting minimum fee of $10+. I will be sending you photos of each sign upon completion for you to review and approve so that we have time to make any necessary changes. Once you’ve physically received your order, you have 2 days to make requested changes and thereafter, there will be a fee.


Due to the nature of custom signage, there are no full refunds. After payment, any cancellations within 24 hours are deducted starting at 50% or more, depending on the progress of the project. As for rentals, lettering service will be deducted but all rental deposits are still fully refundable

What if you don't fulfill my order in time? 

I will always maintain contact with you by taking photos of each sign as they're completed for approval and review. So, if I'm not in contact with you, please reach out. There may be a hiccup in communication or something on my end, but as life's circumstances arise, I will refund you for each of the lettering services.

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