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Congratulations on your upcoming special day!
I am honored to be a part of it!

W  E  L  C  O  M  E  !

My name is Polly and I'm based in the Dallas/Mesquite Texas area. I love creating and designing custom signage for special events and believe that having signage is like having assistants who engages, communicate, and direct for you. I also love creating signages because they enhance and beautify your environment.



Rent or Purchase


Personalized Acrylic Signage for Weddings and Other Special Events

  • Welcome Sign

  • Order of Events Timeline

  • Unplugged Ceremony

  • Seating Charts

  • Bar, Signature Drinks

  • Food & Desserts Menu

  • Guestbook

  • Cards & Gifts

  • Place Cards

  • Custom/Personalized Bible Verse, Vows or Song Lyrics

A B O U T  M E

Hey yall! My name is Polly Tran and I moved to Dallas, TX in May 2020 from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I took the leap and started my lettering and design business a couple months before I moved. Now 3 years later (May 2023), I'm dedicated & doing it full-time!!! I possess a lot of pride in what I produce, so I will only present what I'm satisfied with because this is more than just aesthetically, pleasing visual signage- creation because art is a huge piece of me. I love connecting with people and being a part of their big, important day and to understand their needs and helping their highest vision come into fruition.


Some other facts about me: art has always been my #1 love because art is life and life is art. My love for art is everlasting, ever since I was little and will always be a part of me. I've always been drawn to colors because they bring vibrancy and life to everything, lettering is just so fun, and as for design, how each element makes up a whole. I'm a lover of all arts and a creative who dabbles and experiments in alot of arts and crafts for fun. I served as an afterschool teacher for elementary students for about 3 years before moving here, I majored in Psychology and love diving deep into topics of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual health/wellness and overall holistic healing, I love astrology and I love the beautiful magic and miracles of life!



Let The Fun Collaboration Begin!

Let's create and customize your signage! Whether you know what you want or not, we can work together to figure out the best signage options and details that fit your needs by answering some questions.

Reach me on the Contact page.




Give Me The Green Light!

After confidently seeing the vision, I will send an email w/ an invoice listing the details. Once you approve, full payment is required to secure your name in my calendar.




Now That You’re Committed,

So Am I!

Lots of love will be going in your signage. I'll be sending you photos of each sign upon completion for you to review and approve so that we have time to make any necessary changes.


Now That You’re Committed,

So Am I!

Now That You’re Committed,

So Am I!


I will be working on your signage and sending you photos of each sign upon completion for you to review and approve so that we have time to make any necessary changes. 


Let's Get These Beautiful Signage In Your Hands!

Let’s make arrangements to get your order. And that's one thing crossed off your list—exciting! Hope you love them as much as I do!



Next, see my work and pricing on the Shop and Customs Tabs :D
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